Lockless Protocol

Lockless Protocol provides staking rewards with no locking period


Ever wanted to stake Echelon to benefit from those sweet staking rewards but felt that the standard 21 days unbonding time was too much of a commitment?

SWECH is the receipt token for permanently locking ECH into Lockless Protocol. SWECH-ECH Liquidity tokens can be Staked to earn Rewards from Echelon Staking. Unlike normally staked ECH coins, the SWECH is fully Liquid & can be sold on ABcDeFx anytime for ECH, and this quality of SWECH virtually removes the 21 day locking period. All SWECH are backed by atleast 1 ECH, ensuring its peg algorithmically.

Lockless is provided by ECH.Guru that has other offerings as well, check out their site!


You can

  • Mint SWECH
  • Trade SWECH
  • Deposit ECH/SWECH LP
  • Earn ECH rewards


Lockless Protocol


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