Immutable Compounding Service for yield farms


Kompound makes it easy to earn and has extremely low fees to boot.

Jump into any vault with ECH, in a single transaction.

Say Goodbye to that dreadful dozen of transaction fatigue, token allowances, liquidity additions, farm approvals, all that blah blah.

Make contracts work Smarter, not just harder, The Elite way!

Cherry-picked yield generating protocols and tailor-made strategies to suit your taste.

Earn it when you yearn it! Gain exposure to the Best of DeFi.

Earn your favorite tokens without any investments, just by being a good actor.

Security First. But are we the first?

All Most of the other, although famous, vaults can steal all users funds by switching to a fake strategy owned by their "admin/owner" whenever they want. All granaries use unchangeable strategies and have no admin privileges that can touch user funds, ever. All Kompound Protocol contracts, inlcuding the Granaries, have all their publicly callable functions guarded against re-entrant attacks.

Lowest Fees.

NO withdrawal fees, only a performance cut (on profits, not principal).

And The Highest Rewards.

Earn from each harvest ― paid directly to Workers, and this reward earns compound interest on top of it as well, with innovative TVL-preserving approach that cares about Workers’ future gains as well.

Insurance cover

DeFi is bleeding-edge tech. Sharpness might lead to wounds. The ELITEs understand this the best. That’s why the E.L.I.T.E. D.A.O. Treasury covers mishaps for emergencies and critical situations.

Check Kompound site for latest fees, rewards and insurance amounts.



Original info gathered from: https://ech.guru/GRAIN/


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