Links related to Echelon blockchain

To learn more about Echelon, EVM, Cosmos and crypto in general, these external links might be helpful!


Echelon Blockchain documentation

Echelon’s official site has a good selection of in depth documentation covering everything from using the blockchain to running a validator node

Cosmos SDK documentation

Much of Echelon’s technical side is inherited from Cosmos SDK. Cosmos SDK documentation is a treasure chest for learning how Echelon works under the hood

Tendermint documentation

Echelon uses Tendermint as a consensus engine so head on over to Tendermint docs to study the basics

SoftPaws documentation

SoftPaws documentation contains lots of info on getting started with Echelon and IBC. An active Echelon community member KittyxxSoftPaws is running the site



Echelon Foundation’s GitHub space is the home for all open source material related to the network. Follow them to stay up-to-date with the latest development activity!


Echelon Foundation is offering incentives for quality projects. Take a look at the list and apply if you’re up for it!

Node services nodes list

If you’re interested in querying historical or current node data, has a comprehensive listing of available public endpoints


SoftPaws offers validation, endpoint and IBC relayer services on the Echelon network. The operator is an active Echelon community member KittyxxSoftPaws


Echelon dapp validator list

Choosing a validator requires careful consideration. Best place to check the list of active validators is the Echelon dapp



Keep up with the latest announcements by following Echelon Foundation’s Twitter!


Join the official Echelon Discord server and discuss with other Echelonians! You’ll find me hanging there also, come right on in!



Discussion continues in the official Echelon Telegram group!